Self portrait – Me, free of thoughts

Subtitle: The winds in Groningen blew away all my thoughts.

I’m in search lately for new ways to make expressive portraits. Portraits that go beyond resemblance and also express and convey a strong emotion or mood to the viewer.

Apart from its color palette and style, also the sheer physical size is an important quality of such a portrait! Large images tend to have far more impact. That’s why I’ve been looking to find ways to ‘blow up’ the size of my works.
To circumvent the limitations that digital pixel based artworks have, I’ve created this portrait as a (infinitely) scalable vector graphic. This means it can be scaled without losing its razor sharp definition. Here’s a detail of the work above, to show you the level of detail.


Detail of the self portrait

The edition of the works can be exported in different sizes. For example i sell this work on MakersPlace.com with a size of 15000 x 20000 pixels, which is ample to print in high quality – 300 dpi – on 50” x 75” (125 x 225 cm). The file size: 34 MB in JPG-format.

This portrait was created first as a painting in acryl on canvas, then digitized and converted into vector graphics. The vector graphics have been intensively processed to achieve the final result.

Note: This work has been sold. Possibly the new owner has put the work for sale on Makersplace.

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